Our life in Buena Vista was short lived. We stayed 2 nights and one day. Just long enough to explore main street and ride the local trails.

We arrived shortly after attempting to summit Mt. Shavano that morning. Exhausted from hiking up 4000 FT we decided to check out Main street.  I needed to rest so of course, first stop was the local coffee shop, Buena Vista Roastery Cafe. The coffee was delicious and the scones are huge. Beware though, the chocolate scones are spicy. Here they have ample seating outside, which is perfect for our pups and plenty of Wifi.

After a good rest we took to Main Street. It is pretty long but the main strip is about 4-5 blocks. Our first stop was Gone to the Dogs. Who doesn’t love a good dog store. Great local store filled with homemade treats, a washing station, and fun dog accessories. My favorite item they had was this magnetic box that hung on the outside of your vehicle to store dog waste. I am so upset that I did not buy it. Ever since I cannot find it anywhere. I cannot even remember what they are called. This is a genius idea though. We are strong advocates for pack in/ pack out. So it really stinks, literally, to have to put our dogs poo bags in the back of the truck. If you recall we sleep back there and after a day in the sun, yikes. If anyone knows of this magical item please comment below so I can purchase this before our next outdoor adventure. It’s the little things in life.

We are not very good at town touring especially when I am tired. We ended Main street at McPhelemy Park and watched the local kids play in the Lake. As we headed back to the coffee shop we did find a cute splash park area (right next to much needed restrooms). It is very small and no dogs allowed but would be perfect for children.

After hours of wondering around, re-filling water, re-fueling the truck, it was dinnertime. Chris jumped on Yelp and found House Rock Kitchen. It was highly rated and had an outdoor patio for the pups. Like all the small towns I love that they have their menu on the door. Chris ordered the Grilled sustainable Salmon sandwich and I tried the mushroom burger (substituted with a veggie patty).  I am usually not super stoked over a restaurants food but when these sandwiches came out WOW! Everything looked and tasted so fresh. They even came with an amazing dipping sauce. I have no clue what it was but it is white. If you figure that one out let me know. I would love to re-create it, Besides delicious food and beer they have quite a bit of entertainment out on the patio.  They have bocce ball, disc golf, and a few other cool games.

‘I thought I was stuffed but there is always room in my belly for dessert. I said, “Chris there has to be an ice cream shop around, it’s Main Street.” Almost right across the street was Louie’s Ice Cream Shoppe. It is a small shop with 2 seats available inside but a ton outside. They make their own waffle cones and don’t skimp out on the scoops. I am in love with their outdoor seating. Huge wooden chairs around a fire, an amazing kids area with a swing, and a checker’s table under a wooden pergola. I will be back for more ice cream delight, for sure.

That about sums up our short city life in Buena Vista. I cannot wait to go back to explore more restaurants and the locals scene.  If you have been to Buena Vista, post below your favorites in the comments. Always need help finding out next adventure.

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