Benefits of hiring a coach.

I never even thought about having a coach.  I thought that if I just ride my bike more I would just get faster. I do believe that having a solid base does increase your speed but just like anything you will plateau. After ending last years season with my first 100 mile mountain bike race I really was inspired to get faster. Deep down I just wanted to be able to hang in group rides and not always be the last one dangling on. Not knowing where to even start I got a coach.

This was the first year I had my husband coach me. The beginning of the season I was unsure my training was working but I had to trust my coach. He had to remind me that it takes time and that I was not going to peak until my last race. As each race went by I did begin to feel stronger. Every week I had structured and planned workouts. He was great at creating my weekly workouts based on where and who with I was going to ride. What coach bases your workouts on your social schedule? Looking back I have hit all my goals. I placed 3rd at Wilderness 101K and hit up a fast group ride here in Colorado Springs with confidence.

I encourage anyone looking to have more fun on a bike to hire a coach. Your goals may be different and your training may vary but I promise you will enjoy riding more. A coach is not only there to help you increase and get better but to help you stay consistent and ride your bike. Someone there to help you be accountable. You don’t have to be racing to have a coach. They are there to guide you to your goals on the bike. That is what I love about my husbands coaching style. He is great at helping you choose a goal that is reachable and measurable.

I encourage anyone to try out a coach. Even if it is only for a year. You will see huge gains in your cycling fitness and it also helps you get out the door when it’s not ideal weather.  Tell me about you coaching experiences below. I would love to hear how other coach’s work with their athletes and what you have gained from their help.

Cannot wait to hear and good luck to everyone who is training for next year!

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