City Life: Colorado Springs

The City Life blogs will be all about what we found in each city. We try to find places that accommodate our family. Most will be dog friendly and have a locals vibe. We are not into commercial places and love a good beer.


Bear Creek Dog Park
This is a free dog park located really close to Stratton Open Space. This 10 acre completely fenced in lot contains benches, trees, fields, and a stream rolling right through it. Not to mention a fenced in agility course.  In Kentucky I never used to be a fan of dog parks. My pups don’t really have any interest with other dogs but here they have rocks to jump over, streams to lay in, and trails to follow. I rank this as a must see dog park.

Bristol Brewing Company
This place is located in an old elementary school called Ivywild School. We loved the patio space where our dogs were welcomed to join us during lunch. Inside the school there is not only Bristol Brewing Company but a shop containing handcrafted gifts, bakery, and coffee. An amazing place to explore. I also hear they hosts farmer’s markets in the square and small concerts in the gym.

Trails End Taproom
Another gem we found while exploring the pub scene. This place is located only minutes from Red Rocks Open Space and Garden of the Gods. I would say this is where the mountain bikers hang. Another dog friendly patio and they have recently started serving food! This place is unique because it is a self-serve bar. What does that mean? They have over 40 taps lined up on the wall, grab a glass and pour away. You pay per ounce so you do have to be careful because you may have just drank a $15 beer. Other than understanding the concept this place has a vibe like no other. You want to talk bikes, or trails hit this place up.

Garden of the Gods
This place will be crowded in the summer but I still recommend it as a must do. After visiting several times I recommend taking the Tower of Babel trail heading away from the entrance and towards the beautiful rocks. It will take you around the main attraction and be able to see it from above. Then it will drop you into the paved walking path most tourists do. This allows you a bit of both worlds. Only thing to keep in mind here is to be patient. There will be a bunch of people. Almost forgot to mention, it is dog friendly!

Gearonimo Sports
Have some down time and cannot bike another mile? Check out this dog friendly store. We spent an hour or so roaming around, looking at discounted gear and talking to the staff about all the opportunities in Colorado. Chris was really close to buying a snowboard. They also are connected to Pure Bouldering Gym. I have never bouldered before but it looked fun.

Pub Dog Colorado
So far this is my favorite spot. A place you can eat inside with your dogs?! YES! You can eat inside or take it outside where they have a fenced in turf dog park, We sat here for several hours drinking craft beer and letting our pups indulge in off leash fun. They also have another small patio where you can eat. So many options here. I would rank this as #1 dog friendly pub!

I know there are plenty of other amazing places in Colorado Springs but this covers our 3 day trip in such an awesome city.

I would love to hear what your favorite place is in Colorado Springs. Comment below!

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2 thoughts on “City Life: Colorado Springs

  1. Don’t forget the Mantou Incline and drinking the spring water at Mantou Springs. They even have Ale 8 there if you guys get homesick. I seen it in some 50 states nobility store.

    1. That was on our list today but it is not dog friendly. 🙁 one day though for sure. And good to hear Ale 8 exists out here too.

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