How to Shower While Camping and Find Water.

Chris and I went to Leadville, CO in 2016 for our first truck camping adventure out West. We spent a week out of our truck and learned quickly that it is difficult to find places to shower. The campgrounds out West don’t have bathhouses and lake water is really cold. So we learned the hard way that we needed a shower set-up for our Truck Camping style. It only took 2 years but I think we have one that works very well. Check out this video for more details. 

Everything for our set-up was bought off Amazon (shocker) and folds up into a 22×22 circle.

Why we chose these items: 


This particular shower has an opening at the top in case you want to hang a bag from a tree or pole. That opening also helps with air flow while showering. I noticed opening it up while drying off because it can get a little steamy inside the tent. This tent also has a small floor area so you do not have to have shower shoes. This is my favorite feature. One less thing to carry on your trip. It is spacious and has places to hang your towel, dry clothes, and a great pocket for your soap and wash cloth. One last feature, it folds up quite small.

I will say folding this pop up shower can be difficult but here is a link to a video that helped me learn to fold it very quickly > Shower folding video 


I was skeptical at first about this particular pump system. It looked cheap being plastic and orange but I have to say it’s amazing. It pumps enough pressure to wash my thick curly hair and rinse dried mud off after a mountain bike ride.

The top 2 features why we chose this one is that it charges via USB. We can quickly charge it using our solar panel set up or USB port in the truck. I am not 100% sure how long the charge lasts but we can make it through 2 long showers. The last key component is that the on/off button is separate from the pump.

Why is this awesome? You don’t have to stick your hand in the bucket to turn the shower off in between scrubbing and rinsing. 


Besides this bucket being collapsible, it has a lid and handle! It’s perfect for when you go to the river and snag some water. No more splashing water everywhere. We also made sure to get the largest one so we had enough room to wash laundry in as well.


This is basically the only sort of earth friendly soap that I could find. Digging deeper into environmentally friendly soaps I found that you can use this but need to be 200 ft. away from any water source. This is really the standard for any type of washing or cleaning. Next up on my list is trying to find a toothpaste appropriate for camping. Any ideas? 


So how do you heat your water? No one really likes taking a cold shower. So I will be honest that we rarely use the bag because we have solar power to heat water in a skillet. But on days I remember the bag it works perfectly. If you can remember to fill the bag with water and let it sit in the sun for 3-4 hours you will have an amazing warm shower. These bags hold plenty of water for 2 showers. WATER How to find water? An easy source is from a natural system such as a stream, river, and sometimes lakes. For the days you’re going through towns you can look for spickets in parks, gas stations, and campgrounds. Always check for signs that say potable or non-potable. You can shower with non potable water but be careful not to open your mouth up. 

I hope this article, “How to Show While Camping and Find Water,” helps others have a more enjoyable camping experience. Show us your shower system! Comment below, we love seeing other builds and getting more ideas.

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