Colorado Summer Adventure: towns, trails, and logistics

We recently returned from Colorado where we camped, hiked, biked, and explored for two weeks. We are known for squeezing in as much adventure as possible for as cheap as possible. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing articles detailing our recent adventures. Each article is aimed at helping you to experience the Colorado wilderness in a way that does not break the bank and is full of outdoor adventure.

Below is a list of articles that have been, or will be, written. Each will eventually be attached with a hyperlink that will take you to the full blog article. I hope they inspire you to make a trip to Colorado, even if you aren’t a cyclist.

Free Camping

Traveling with Dogs

Showering and water fill ups

City Life: Colorado Springs

City Life: Buena Vista, CO

City Life: Leadville, CO: in progress

City Life: Breckenridge, CO: in progress

Mountain Bike Trails: Colorado Springs
-Stratton Open Space
-Jones Park
-Red Rocks Canyon Open Space
-Palmer Park
-Cheyenne Mountain State Park.

Mountain Bike Trails: outside of Salida, CO
-Colorado trail, portion by Mt. Shavano trailhead

Mountain Bike Trails: Buena Vista
-Barbara Whipple Trail System > Buena Vista Singletrack Loop (11.7) and Shield’s Gulch Loop. (10.7)

Mountain Bike Trails: Leadville
-Twin Lakes Loop

Mountain Bike Trails: Breckenridge
-Galena Gulch and a little more

Hiking Trails: Salida, CO
-Mt. Shavano trail

Hiking Trails: Leadville, CO
-Mt. Sherman summit

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