Specialized Epic Expert vs. Epic Pro

Its that time of year again. Specialized has released their 2018 models and now we are all searching for a new favorite bike. Most of the buzz is around the Specialized Epic Expert vs. Epic Pro. It is a tough decision between the two. There is only one question that really matters and that is “what the heck am I getting for that $1300.00 price increase?”

The easiest way to break this down is with a side-by-side comparison. This chart only shows the differences between the two bikes.

 2018 Epic Expert2018 Epic Pro
Weight24.89lb (painted)24.05lb (painted) 23.57lb (non-painted)
Front HubSpecializedRoval Alloy
Rear HubSpecializedDT Swiss 350, Star Ratchet, 36t engagement
GroupsetSRAM GXSRAM X01 Eagle
BrakesSRAM Level TLSRAM Level TLM
SaddleBody Geometry Phenom Comp, Hollow Cr-Mo railsBody Geometry Phenom Expert, hollow titanium rails, carbon fiber base

The next logical question is; “what is the difference between Sram GX and X01?”

The weight difference is about half a pound. I have broken down the weight for each component below. However, weight is not the only concern for most of us. We must also consider performance. I have put many miles on both the GX groupset and the X01 Eagle groupset. From my experience, there is a nearly unnoticeable difference in shifting performance between the two groups. I never felt as though I was hindered by the performance of my Epic with the GX groupset. Both groupsets shift smoothly and run pretty quiet.

Groupset Weight Comparison
Rear Derailleur290276

I personally think the difference in performance between the Epic Expert and the Epic Pro is relatively small. Many riders may not notice the weight savings or the small gains in performance. I must admit that I opted for the Epic Pro. It looks slick and I felt that the 1.32lb weight saving was worth the extra investment.

A few questions to ask before investing heavily in a light bike: How much does my spare tube weigh? How much does my multitool weigh? Do I carry my cellphone and wallet when I ride? Is it necessary to carry two water bottles on my rides? How much do my shoes weigh?

I think those are very important questions that every rider should ask. The answer to those questions could have serious weight implications. Investing in lighter tools, tubes, and shoes as well as carrying as little as possible is a more economical way to save weight.

Hopefully this little write-up on the Specialized Epic Expert vs. Epic Pro put the pertinent information in one place for you and helped you make the right decision. It is ultimately up to you, the rider, on what bike best fits your needs (and wants).

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