5 Meals That Don’t Require Refrigeration or Cooking

Ever finish a long mountain bike ride and find yourself at your car so hungry? If you are anything like me, when I go on mountain bike trips I am nowhere near restaurants or electricity for that matter. So when I finish my rides I need a hearty meal asap or on comes the “hang-er.” After many hangry moments I have finally found 5 meals that do not need refrigeration or cooking that don’t suck. I hope these 5 Meals that require no refrigeration or cooking help others be able to re-energize quickly to get back to adventure.

Black bean burritos with salsa and chips.

Grocery List:
Can of black beans
Tortillas (flour hold up best)
Can of corn
16oz Jar of salsa (I prefer the smallest jar)
Small brick of sharp cheddar
Bag of chips
1 lime

*do keep in mind these recipes are for 2 people that are not scared to eat food

Open the cans of beans and corn. Drain the liquid out. Add a heaping amount of beans, corn, slices of cheese, and salsa. Finish off with slivers of avocado and a squirt of lime juice. Wrap the burrito up and enjoy. We also have chips with the rest of the salsa. The thing to keep in mind here is that you must eat all of the beans, corn, avocado, and salsa because the goal is not to have to refrigerate leftovers. So that is why you want to purchase the smallest can/jar you can.

Tuna on crackers, pretzels, and an apple with peanut butter.

Grocery List:
Cans of Tuna
Packets of mayo
Packets of relish
Bag of pretzals
Apples (I always get granny smith)
Jar of peanut butter

This is super easy. Drain liquid from tuna, add mayo and relish to the can and stir. Apply to crackers. Pretty self-explanatory.

Peanut butter trail mix sandwich with hummus and carrots

Grocery List:
Jar of peanut butter
Bag of trail mix
Individual container of hummus
Bag of carrots (not the baby carrots)

*I like to have chocolate soy milk with this.

Chicken salad sandwich with baked beans

Grocery List:
Cans of chicken
Packets of mayo
Bag of Grapes
Sliced almonds
Salt & pepper
Bread (I really like croissants)
Can of baked beans

Open can and drain liquid. Add mayo, salt, pepper, and sliced grapes, and almonds. Stir and apply mounds on bread. Open can of baked beans and enjoy along with your chicken salad sandwich.

*when I first met my husband, I was eating a can of cold baked beans at an ultra-endurance race

Pizza inspired pitas.

Grocery List:
Cured meat (pepperoni, salami) or even a can of chicken
Parmesan cheese
Jar of pizza sauce
Green pepper
Bag of Pitas

Slice pita in half, open pita and fill with meats and veggies. Sprinkle with cheese (parmesan is strong, so not too much). Dip pita in sauce and enjoy.

After several camping trips lugging around a cooler and generator, I have finally found some alternatives to keep my husband and me going.  Thanks again for reading, “5 Meals that require no refrigeration or cooking.” I would love to hear about other recipes, thoughts, and stories. Comment below and let’s share our ideas!

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