4 reasons to get on the trainer

I am often asked how I can sit on the trainer for 2-5 hours at a time. Here is what motivates me to just jump on and train. 4 reasons to get on the trainer is an article that I hope can help you find motivation to train indoors.

#1 thing that gets me on the trainer  is ZWIFT.
If you have not heard about it or seen it. Google it. It’s an awesome program that lets you ride/race with others, do programmed workouts, and just so much more awesomeness! This gets me on there 70% of the time.

Trainer rides are very efficient.
Trainer rides save me time. I don’t have to put all of my cycling gear on, which can be a lot in the winter. There are no red lights, no stop signs, no gusts of wind, except from my 2 fans, and no traffic. Also the workouts are efficient and effective. It allows me to train using power-based, not heart rate-based workouts. I do not have a power meter so my Wahoo Kickris optimal for my training.

Netflix binge.
Finding several series that you love to watch or even just youtube channels you cannot get enough of. Very important. When I am craving a good dose of television this is the perfect opportunity for a marathon. I just hop on the bike, choose a workout, plug my headphones in and am lost in episodes as I gain fitness.

Less laundry.
The only bike laundry I have created is a pair of shorts. It’s awesome!

I hope reading 4 reasons to get on the trainer helps you find ways to make indoor trainer rides less dreadful. I would love to hear why other people enjoy trainer rides and even what gets them on the trainer. So feel free to comment below and enjoy trainer season!

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