3 fears of mountain biking and how to overcome them

As someone just starting out, crashing seems scary. No one wants to get injured, sadly we have day jobs. I know I am always thinking about my hands as a dental hygienist. Some days I cannot overcome this fear and have to realize it or I start making silly mistakes and end up crashing. But one thing that really helps me on the trail is having my husband ride ahead of me.  It helps to follow a line by someone else especially on an unfamiliar trail.  Also seeing someone ride over certain obstacles gives me confidence. One thing you do have to remember, is always follow your gut. If you hesitate, get off and walk it. I promise, I have learned this the hard way too many times.

In summary, follow someone else who you trust, and follow your gut.


Whenever I ride with others I feel like I am going too slow. This was a fear early on when I started riding. I think we all know it as the constant apologizer. The “sorry,” or “my bad” riding style. I know I was one of them. The best way I overcame this was to communicate with the group so everyone knew what the plan was before heading out. Just be up front on your pace and give effort. When it comes to mountain biking, I have found that as long as people know what they are getting into beforehand they have no problem slowing down or waiting at intersections. Confidence I believe plays a big part here as well. Don’t be cocky just know your level of skill and never ride over your head.

So remember, communicate before the ride, be confident, and put forth effort.


When I first started riding I did not know the trails very well and it was scary going to a new trail. My Garmin Edge 810changed my life. I found GPX files for routes on mtbproject and just downloaded them to my Garmin. So when I arrive at a trail all I have to do is click on the course and the map pops up on my Garmin. It’s just a line but it lets you know when you are off course. This helps to know how far I have gone and if I ever get lost I just go backwards following the line on my Garmin. If you want to put street maps on your Garmin, click here.  Not only do I have the course downloaded, and maps on my Garmin I do try and bring extra water. I get pretty grumpy if I get lost and run out of water.

To summarize, buy a Garmin or some type of GPS, download courses, and bring enough fuel.

Thanks again for reading my post, 3 fears of mountain biking and how to overcome them. Share below some of your fears or concerns when mountain biking.

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