Olivia’s Boondoggle ’45’ race report

Woke up that morning to the sounds of roosters in the distance and the sun shining down. There was no rush in the morning because the race start was not until 10:00 a.m.. Something I am not used to but it was nice to sleep in. We lined up at 9:45 a.m. with the male and female podium winners from the Boondoggle 4 hour up front. At 10:00 a.m. the truck and moped took off leading us in a neutral roll out. Continue reading “Olivia’s Boondoggle ’45’ race report”

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5 Meals That Don’t Require Refrigeration or Cooking

Ever finish a long mountain bike ride and find yourself at your car so hungry? If you are anything like me, when I go on mountain bike trips I am nowhere near restaurants or electricity for that matter. So when I finish my rides I need a hearty meal asap or on comes the “hang-er.” After many hangry moments I have finally found 5 meals that do not need refrigeration or cooking that don’t suck. I hope these 5 Meals that require no refrigeration or cooking help others be able to re-energize quickly to get back to adventure. Continue reading “5 Meals That Don’t Require Refrigeration or Cooking”

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Specialized Epic Expert vs. Epic Pro

Its that time of year again. Specialized has released their 2018 models and now we are all searching for a new favorite bike. Most of the buzz is around the Specialized Epic Expert vs. Epic Pro. It is a tough decision between the two. There is only one question that really matters and that is “what the heck am I getting for that $1300.00 price increase?”

Continue reading “Specialized Epic Expert vs. Epic Pro”

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7 Step Bike Check

This is a “post-ride” inspection. Looking over the bike after a ride gives time to order parts and make repairs before the next ride. The trailhead is not the place to discover mechanical issues. By the time the bike situation get sorted out, your friends have already shredded all the singletrack and are out having beers. 

Perform this 7 step bike check to avoid getting left behind.  Continue reading “7 Step Bike Check”

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5 Tips for Adventures on a Budget

A common conversation I have:

Friend: “Do you ever work?” “How do you afford all these adventures?”

Me: “I am frugal with my time and frugal with my money. Here is how you can travel cheaply and frequently too…”

I have had this type of conversation many times with friends and acquaintances. They are always surprised with how little these trips actually cost my wife and I to go on. A 4 day trip to Pisgah National Forest costs us about $90-110 in gas, $25 for food, and a few bucks for coffee shop WiFi and drinks. Here are 5 tips for adventures on a budget. Continue reading “5 Tips for Adventures on a Budget”

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What to Carry During a Bicycle Race or Ride

We spend thousands of dollars shaving grams off our bikes only to stuff our pockets and camelbaks with an extra 800g worth of unnecessary items. I will admit that it is a risk vs reward decision. This is a list of exactly what I carried during the Cohutta 100, Mohican 100, Pisgah 111k, Wilderness 101, Breck Epic, and 12 Hours of Capitol view this past season. Continue reading “What to Carry During a Bicycle Race or Ride”

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